I cannot wait for the new season of The Tudors. The Showtime website even has a wiki for viewers to point out historical innaccuracies. And why not? If they don’t host it, someone else will, right?

I also am a sucker for Phillipa Gregory’s historical novels, so I’ve been waiting for the release of The Other Boleyn Girl. I knew there was a British version of the novel on TV, but until recently, I couldn’t find a copy here, so now I’ll simply wait.

I think the homepages for these shows are a visual delight. They are lush and suggestive, and ripe for a feminist critique, I’m sure. I confess that I don’t care. I simply need my dose of historical costume drama and visual spectacle.

I also have been waiting patiently for a break in the semester to play Oblivion again. I was side tracked for the first few weeks of the semester (before papers rolled in) by Two Worlds. When I do get to play, though, it’s a real treat. Because my playing time is very sporadic, I gave up WoWabout two years ago (that, and I’m not sure if I like playing online with others). With my new laptop, though, it might be more of a possibility. Or should I try Second Life for the first time? Are any of you gamers? Any suggestions?