I would love to explore the realm of geo-caching as a personal hobby. First, I would have to buy and figure out a GPS unit, but I think I could do it.

This would also be a fascinating classroom tool, as a recent e-School News articlementions. A colleague and I recently discussed a classroom project he is working on which uses GPS (which I will not discuss here as I do not want to distribute his project or ideas without his consent). Several questions came to my mind though as I read the article: How does one make this work as an assignment in an environment when students don’t have time to read a chapter or money for gas? How do you get them to invest the time? Do you have to put “field trip required” in the class schedule? Are there liability issues to consider? I must ask my colleague more about this!

Think how cool it would be, though, to arrange a whole geo-caching overseas trip. OK, it would be a TON of work, but what a payoff it could have for the students.