The discussion about the legitimacy of blogs has been on my mind all day. I don’t know that I can begin to answer that effectively without first setting some parameters. Not all blogs are created equal.  Even the “BloGGa” example, if updated, could be legit to his/her audience if their expectations are met, the blog fulfills their needs, and is read. A serious, academic blog must be judged by different criteria than a celebrity-inspired blog. By “legit” do we mean professional or reliable or something else?

What about my London Blog? Should I not call it a blog since I have not posted regularly or recently? I used the blogging medium, but it was a one-time “project.” My class blogs are probably not legit blogs either as we are not tracking web-sites nor are the students merely posting freely (they are often, but not always, responding to prompts). So am I, again, just using the technology of blogs and really creating a web-page on a blogger site?

I often stress the “credentials” angle to my students when they access resources for research, but Cranky Prof, who is anonymous but claims to teach at a lib arts college, is consistent in her posts about family and job, maintains a particular style and tone (even if it is ranting), and links to relevant information. As a reader who visits her site because parts of it relate to my experiences, who is looking for a laugh or to commiserate, and who often just wants to laugh, I find this blog legitimate.

Some may think a blog isn’t legitimate until it gets an award or other distinction, but so far the only criteria I am willing to dedicate myself to right now is a solid base of returning readers.