Most days I would much rather post to a blog, read other blogs, or work on my new wiki than watch TV, grade papers, or do housework of any kind. I don’t really understand the concept of not finding a topic of some sort to turn into a blog post. Have you ever read Bill Bryson‘s I’m a Stranger Here Myself? He is a master at finding the everyday topic and turning into into short humorous revelations.

Once in awhile, in mid-post, if I get a little uncertain about my topic as I start writing, or if the writing takes me in an exploratory direction about something that interests me, I search to see what others are saying about the same topic. If I find someone who has written about it a lot better or more extensively, I am content that I’ve read about that topic and may even delete my whole post in favor of a new topic.  Sometimes I’ll still publish my idea and link to the others that I found. 

This week, however, I am feeling a little run-down, a little behind. I just can’t summon the attention span to pull my ideas together in a meaningful way. I feel like a fraud participating in the BarnRaising wiki assignment. People are raising a barn and I am still looking at the blueprints. I read a lot of the pages there and think that there are already great ideas in place. I struggled to think of a single worthwhile contribution to add to the existing discussion.  

Perhaps my intentions during Yoga tomorrow will be to reconnect to the WikiWay. ooooOOOOOOHHHHMMMMM.