History and Affiliations: 

I have been an English instructor at Minnesota State Community and Technical College–Moorhead for the last four years, a co-advisor for Phi Theta Kappa, the International Honor Society of the Two-Year College, and this semester, I am also once more a student at Bemidji State University. I am also McKenna’s mommy (according to the kids at daycare). She will will be three this May. My husband owns Mobile NRG, a DJ service that is, yes, mobile and is currently developing a related website.

I attended BSU from 1992-1999 and earned a BA and MA in English. I treated myself to a 10-day Contiki trip to the UK after completing my coursework. Upon my return, I finished my thesis, applied for jobs, interviewed for–and received–a position teaching full time in Kingman, Arizona. I worked there until May of 2004. That summer, I interviewed for my current job at MSCTC.

My Interests

  • blogging
  • reading
  • technology
  • travel
  • pretty much anything to do with the UK
  • history
  • admiring others abilities with photography
  • thrift stores

What I Watch (and why):

  • The Tudors: gorgeous costume drama. Nice scenery.
  • Oprah: She’s great. Boatloads of money. Does nice things.
  • Survivor: The drama and backstabbing. A televised social experiment.
  • Project Runway:  I’m not fashionable, I don’t sew, and I’m clueless about design. It must be just the creative process. It’s a lot like writing for classes–there are deadlines, you get stuck, get inspired, get criticism and feedback, and you hope you win.
  • Deadliest Catch: Sea spray, high adventure, danger and pranks. These are some hard workers.

A Day in My Shoes:

Although I abhor schedules and routines, I find patterns emerging.

  • McKenna wakes me at 7 am. My alarm clock, which is set for 8 am, has not had the opportunity to ring in the past year.
  • McKenna watches Dora while I get my bearings and down a Dew.
  • 20 minutes later, I slap on some sweats, manage to get her dressed, and we head out the door for daycare.
  • I come home and get myself ready for the day. I check email while my hair dries and curling iron heats up.
  • On alternate days, I log in to this class. Other days, I prep for class by catching up on emails, grading, or updating content on D2L. Sometimes I blog.
  • I head to class, usually grabbing something to eat on the way.
  • After class, I work on grades, prep or emails again until I go to class again or go home.
  • Once I’m home (usually around 5:30), McK plays while the hubby and/or I cook.
  • After we eat, McK plays while we watch her or TV or both. She goes to bed around 8, falls asleep around 9, and then we relax with a movie or we work some more.

Sometimes family and friends are around and the plan varies a bit, and weekends have other variations including shopping, laundry, housekeeping, movies, gaming, and so on, but but this is essentially our life during the academic year.