Surfing the TV channels instead of the ‘net today, a show called Future We Will Create: World of TED (from 2007) caught my attention. It was a conference of bright, motivated movers and shakers (founders of, Google, Peter Gabriel, Al Gore).  The gist o the show was this: some people won prizes for humanitarian ideas that could change the world. This was their way to get their ideas heard, to network, and to collaborate. Nicholas Negroponte, for example founded the MIT’s Media Lab and the One Laptop Per Child Project, which proposed to create a $100 laptop (and electronic book) so every child could have a computer to better their education. Also, I didn’t realize Peter Gabriel founded Witness, which encourages people to record and/or view human rights abuse.

The common theme was how technology allows collaboration for these humanitarian efforts. From websites like Witness or to the laptop and video project, the key words were “sustainability” “green” and “collaboration.” In the words of Cameron Sinclair, a 2006 Ted Prize Winner, “I wish to create an online community where open-source design improves living standards for all.”

It was a very cool show! It was like the CES Convention meets Sally Struthers and U2’s Bono. If you have Showtime, you can catch re-runs at 7 am (central) May 6th & May 7th as well as 12:15 and 3:15 May 9th.