I live in a house that is 92 years old. It is a story and a half. There are two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, and dining room on the main floor. I have a small porch out front and a small 3-season porch out back. Upstairs, there is another bedroom and one room that we converted to the home theater room. The rest of the space is storage. We also have an unfinished basement with plenty of room for the laundry equipment, dusty work out equipment, and storage. It’s maybe 1400 square feet of living space. When we bought it, it was really outdated as you can see (yes, that is electric blue shag in one room and a ketchup-mustard combo shag in the other):




It’s a big difference, though, from what we left in Arizona. There, we had purchased a ten-year old home. We painted almost all of it, replaced all the flooring, installed a hot tub and rock landscaping. The layout was fantastic and the vaulted ceilings made the 1700 square feet feel even more spacious. In addition to the kitchen and dining room, there were 2 (what a luxury!) bathrooms, a main living room and another big room (our home theater) attached through french doors. While there were only three rooms, which were not huge, they were still bigger than our rooms here! I used one as an office and the other was a guest room. We also had the laundry room off the dining room on the way to the garage. I wish we could transplant that house to this location:

home theater AZ

Living room AZ

My office AZ

More to come…