This weekend I will (Saturday updates follow in parenthesis)

  • bring in-laws to MPS airport in a blizzard (yay) (HWY 10 and I-94 closed; they had to drive themselves)
  • find out what children’s museums are in a certain radius of hotel (also cancelled. Instead we played and read and colored and slept.
  • grade process essays from 1101 (not yet)
  • tweak the next online units for  1102 and  accelerated 1101 and catch up on reading the discussion boards for each
  • update my wordpress blog and answer/read question/responses for weekend  assignment (did this AND visited all my classmates blogs just to see what they’ve been doing. Look at all the pretty pictures! I really must tackle this obstacle).
  • grade 1102 (3 sections) blog entries (not yet)
  • prep for Monday’s classes; 2 1102s so only one prep!
  • send mass PTK email for upcoming meeting and community service project reminders (not yet)
  • Surely there is more; I just cannot remember right now.